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Resilience Grows Here

Resilience Grows Here

Resilience Grows Here (RGH) is a veteran-focused mental health initiative of the Farmington Valley Health District. The program engages veterans, their families, and members of the broader community in efforts to prevent suicide among veterans by reducing veterans’ isolation, destigmatizing mental illness, building resilience in boys and men, and creating safe spaces for veterans to connect with each other.




How They're Solving the Problem

How They're Solving the Problem

RGH offers a variety of programs for veterans and their families:

  • A peer-to-peer mentoring program that trains veterans to provide support and friendship to other veterans.
  • Suicide prevention training that teaches participants warning signs of suicide, how to ask someone about suicide, and how to persuade someone to get help.
  • Anzac, the program’s post-traumatic stress disorder therapy dog, participates in RGH public events and is available to social workers, psychologists, and clergy members at the local military base.
  • Partnerships with local schools to teach students about resilience through the exploration of topics such as friendship, boundaries, relationships, teamwork, communication, and asking for help.
  • Safe space activities like community meals, resource nights, film screenings, and other events meant to provide a place where veterans and their family members can come together and get community support.



RGH has reduced veteran isolation, improved the community’s understanding of the needs and sacrifices of veterans and their families, helped destigmatize mental illness and promote good mental health, and provided access to programs and services that meet the needs of veterans and their families.



Partnering Organizations

Farmington Valley Health District

Institute of Community Research

103rd Airwing, East Granby

Nourish My Soul

Tunxis Community College

East Granby Middle and High School

Kokapeli Dog Training

Town of East Granby

Veterans of Foreign Wars


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