KVIBE: Mobilizing Young Men in the Kalihi Valley Community through Biking

To help Kalihi Valley’s men and boys heal and thrive, Kōkua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services—a federally qualified health center—and its partners incorporate the community’s rich cultural traditions into leadership training and multi-generational mentoring at the Kalihi Valley Instructional Bike Exchange (KVIBE).

Hope Squad: Making Connections: Suicide Prevention For American Indian Youth

The Making Connections site in Oklahoma City launched the “Hope Squad” to prevent suicide among American Indian youth. Hope Squad is a national, school-based suicide prevention program that trains students to identify warning signs of suicide in their peers, reach out to them, and encourage them to seek help.

Legends of Lawndale

Sinai Health System brings together non-profits, schools, and young leaders in Chicago’s West Side. As a mentorship program, it focuses on supporting young men and boys of color who are growing up in a challenging environment where far too many men are dying too young.

Resilience Grows Here

Resilience Grows Here is a veteran-focused mental health initiative. The program engages veterans, their families, and members of the broader community in efforts to prevent suicide among veterans by reducing veterans’ isolation, destigmatizing mental illness, building resilience in boys and men, and creating safe spaces for veterans to connect with each other.

Making Connections: Kankakee

This program supported by Kankakee Community College in Illinois sets out to reinforce a learning community for student veterans, allowing them to build meaningful connections with one another as well as with specially-trained staff for the support that they need.

This video provides an overview of the Making Connections initiative and its approach. It features interviews with staff members and participants from the Making Connections sites in Honolulu, Hawaii; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Canton, Connecticut.

Albuquerque: MC: ID How we’re staying connected

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Making Connections International District (also known as MC:ID) and its partners have found new ways with young men of color to connect during the COVID-19 pandemic so they can continue to be agents of positive change in their community.

Making Connections New Orleans (MCNOLA) organizes events and programs, including a film academy, Photo Voice project, and an open mic series, that bring together and build connection among African American men and boys in the city’s St. Roch neighborhood.

Development Without Displacement 

Making Connections leaders from New Orleans, Boston, and San Diego discuss strategies for fostering development without displacing current residents.

If you want to talk health, you have to talk social connection 

A string of suicides in a San Diego neighborhood spurred the community to take action. The United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST) and its partners created a safe space where young men, many of them the children of immigrants and refugees, can be themselves, connect with peers, and get the support they need to live healthy lives.

Understanding Men’s Mental Health and its Importance 

This video features the work of Resilience Grows Here, a Making Connections veteran’s mental health initiative that builds an environment to support healthy relationships between veterans and families, while building resilience in men and boys.



How Communities Working on Mental Health for Men and Boys Build and Sustain Momentum

Host Howard Pinderhughes talks with leaders from the Making Connections sites in San Diego, CA; Florence, SC; and Boston, MA. Going into their fifth year with Making Connections, these guests share how they keep their momentum going through challenges, plan for the future, and think ‘upstream’ with the work they’re doing.

Preventing and Addressing Community Trauma 
This conversation on addressing and preventing community trauma reveals how different communities define and experience trauma, from historical events that have long-lasting systemic repercussions to emerging challenges such as displacement. Participants also explore solutions, including building community and connection, and establishing places and opportunities for men and boys to find a sense of belonging, build trust and discover their stories and identities.

Exploring Healthy Masculinities part 1 
In part one of this two-part podcast, Charles Corprew from What's Your Revolution explores healthy masculinities with Making Connections community leaders from Canton, CT, New Orleans, LA and Albuquerque, NM who share how vulnerability, art and self-care play a significant part in the work that they do.

Exploring Healthy Masculinities Part 2 
Charles Corprew from What's Your Revolution returns for the second part of this two-part podcast to continue the conversation about healthy masculinities with community leaders from Kokua Kalihi Valley, HI, Tacoma, WA, and Boston, MA, who talk about the importance of mentorship, food justice, and community.

Engaging Youth Leaders  
Prevention Institute’s Jill Hodges interviews leaders from Albuquerque NM, Denver, CO, and Tacoma, WA about how to authentically support and engage youth at every level of community-building.

Preventing Suicide Among American Indian Youth 
Learn about a partnership between Southern Plains Tribal Health Board and Hope Squad, a suicide prevention initiative in which students learn how to help and support one another and get help when they need it.

Military Cultural Competence 
In this podcast discussion, representatives from Making Connections explore opportunities for leveraging veterans’ experience and skills to enable connection and healing, as well as ways to inform and activate whole communities to support veterans, military members, and their families.